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The Art Café

The Art Café is a community art server open to all sorts of art and people.
We're open to comics, animations, photography, music, handcrafts and 3D models/game design.
We also do weekly art challenges and special events.

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Ratings & Reviews

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Good server, shitty owners <3
Amazing staff. Amazing members and all around good quality content. But the owners? They manage to fuck up more than humanly possible. Still gonna rate this a 5star, since the server isn't crap, but the owners are.
lame!! lame!!
Awesome Community
I love this server! There’s great criticism and people are very positive about others’ art. I joined because someone I knew was in it, but I soon made friends with a ton of people there. The owners and other staff are super friendly as well, I’ve had only great experiences here.
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Pasty Fooligan Pasty Fooligan
Great server!
nice people, nice owner, lots of fun and art for people who are artists. Also, you can order trades and requests from fellow artists. lots of contests that are good fun!
Bisolar Bisolar
It's great
Good people, good critique, good stuff all around