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Camp Half-Blood 2.0 ☠
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Camp Half-Blood 2.0 ☠

Hiya! Welcome to Camp Half-Blood 2.0!

- We offer over 50 godly parents to choose from
- Options to create a Satyr or Nymph character
- All 20 cabins
- Pets for characters
- Lots of godly powers
- CTF events and canoe racing
- Over 100 members and growing
- Experienced Staff
- Occasional quests
- Rythm bot
- LGBTQA+ Safe space

Hope to see you there!
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Ratings & Reviews

9 reviews
Imagine Imagine
Questo server è fantastico
This is one of the greatest servers I've ever chatted on. The community is amazing and filled with joy and happiness, every single person is amazing and fun to talk to, and just- AUUGHGUHG! Personally I definitely recommend this server if you're interested in role plays and Greek mythology ;)
how about you baku-don't how about you baku-don't
this server is bad
jk i love this server, everyone is great and pretty active so yeah
thanks for coming to my second ted talk

also we have the barbie image
Altplutolover Altplutolover
Camp Half-Blood 2.0 was actually one of the first servers I had ever joined. At first I was a bit scared since I was new and all, but the more time I spend here, the more I grow to love it. The moderators, whether trial or not, are so kind and respectful and know how to handle high pressure situations with great poise. You can be so creative with your character and their story its just amazing. Not to mention the community is great. Most every single person on their is supportive of people, from art to even things like gender & pronouns. In fact, I've actually made some of my best friends on the server. In conclusion, this server is fun to be on, with great mods, creative freedom, and a supportive community.
kiernan shipka is my kween kiernan shipka is my kween
This server is utterly amazing!!
If you're looking for a good Percy Jackson server, this is *definitely* the one. The admins and moderators are kind and fair, and they also create great quests and story-lines. They're also very organized. The whole community is amazing, so please, join this amazing server.

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