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Bento Box Club

The Bento Box Club is a diverse group of individuals opening their finished home to newcomers. Come on in, take a seat and join this adorable club. Movie nights, listening parties, and boredom channels here Bento Box members (the sushi rolls) try create a cozy haven for everyone. All ages welcome, bring snacks while you're at it. <3
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6 reviews
Jeffery Jeffery
Good Stuff
Yeah all I have to say is, it’s very adaptable to the people, it’s got some amazing and some uh... cheesy mods, and the owner knows what she is doing, I found it very flexible and I don’t think I’ll leave for a long time!
2 1
Lrrrn Lrrrn
When I first joined I was skeptical, I wasn't offered any chocolate OR money but hey I stayed and I've enjoyed my time. There are 50 different text channels for everything you could ever talk about like dogs and memes. If you want to have some weird conversations with random people from Florida, this is the server for you. Overall, I highly recommend joining.
Outlandr Outlandr
Best Bois Around
This server is super welcoming, and once you got sucked in, oh boy are you along for the long haul. May I just say this journey so far has been impeccable and I hope to see this Box go far and wide.
Crimson Crimson
Ive been on this server for a while and it’s definitely 5 star worthy they have a channel for everything and the members are nice and funny! I love it here.

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