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Misfit Mayhem Gaming

Newer Semi-Realism Isle server. All types of gamming. Just a growing community with great people and staff to have a good time playing the games we love.
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tkreis tkreis
This server is why I play
I have only had this game for a week or so and have found that this particular server hosts the best overall experience for fun in this game for new player. The rules are expertly balanced to provide a fun and exhilarating experience that adds to the overall immersion of being a dinosaur. The staff and owner are always on and always engaging, offering helpful tips and tricks. I highly recommend this server for those who want to try something new in The Isle.
SheudenFritz SheudenFritz
Great but could be greater
I love this server. It has a great community and has a team of staff members that has since earned my respect. They are one of the best, if not The Best, community for the Isle I have seen. However I will say as great as this server is it is, in my honest opinion, a tad light on the apex requests. If there were more limitations on the rampant apex requests then I would give a five star review. Other than that hope to see all who read this in the discord and even in the server.
Airbear Airbear
Excited to see this server grow
Great community, great admins, & overall great people are here. Thrilled to see this community grow. And happy to be apart of that process!
Dreadspyke Dreadspyke
Loving the new Isle server and professionalism
Linked up with this Discord about a week ago after getting invited by a good friend and happy to see the professional level of the Discord and associated game servers. Lots of welcoming people who quickly included me as one of the guys, felt at home immediately. Impressed with the energy tempo the admins have, it's like they never sleep. Every day progress is being made on organization, events, or new members. Cheers MMG!