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Woodland Dwellers
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Woodland Dwellers
Please read Woodland Dwellers' page before or upon joining the server & submit a form. Alternatively you can just join to see what the group is like.
"Woodland Dwellers is a universe comprising The Pack of Frigid Souls and The Tribe of Celestial Gazers. Although these two groups are the main focus, there are Outsiders. Outsiders are characters not belonging to either group. Because everyone within Woodland Dwellers exists in the same universe, they can all interact with each other if given the right circumstance. All characters may have powers or mutations within reason if desired. Each group has its own unique territory, rules, traditions, ceremonies, and ranks. Dwellers may have (multiple) characters in each group and Outside of the groups."
To join the roleplay group you must fill in a form and post it to #forms.
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CartonOfMilk CartonOfMilk
Woodland dwellers is a well led and created role play group. The server is neat and arranged well.

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