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TheBalaha ☭ TheBalaha ☭
My dreams are shattered
Whenever I asked if a hadith is sahih... I always got one answer
243 days ago
5 2
Zakariya Zakariya
Fruitful and full of Discorse
There are plenty of discussions that happen each week. Lots of shared knowledge also regarding Islam on topics such as Philosophy, history etc.

It's a bit of a madness too. Mad jokes and memes for days.
289 days ago
3 2
Alif/ܐܠܦ̥/אלף/الف Alif/ܐܠܦ̥/אלף/الف
Good Islamic server
The people here are nice and active, there's a lot of channel for different topics

P.S: I'd recommend this server, it'll teach you how to control a flying carpet to fly to Makkah
(Just kidding)
318 days ago
5 2
The Murcian The Murcian
Ibn Jahmiyyah & The Boyz
Great server! But beware of the closet Jahmites and Philosophers.

Eg. Please search for User: Abu Iguana#6497 and look at his roles. At the time of writing, they are: ‘Philosopher’ and ‘Muslim’. The teachings of Aristotle have confused this man so much to the extent that he believes he is the father of an iguana.
333 days ago