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The Altar is an active, 18+, community full of people united by an interest in occult knowledge and practice. Our members have a wide diversity of backgrounds and experiences, which are reflected in our discussions in channels whose topics vary from magic and divination to conspiracy theories, paranormal entities and philosophy. Seeing ourselves as foremost a community, we also have and encourage casual discussion, hoping to be connected by mutual interest in serious topics without being bogged down by our own seriousness. Join us to chat about our magickal lives, hang out in vc, and watch movies with us on Fridays. We'll see you soon!
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Kalopsia Kalopsia
Good server
This is a wonderful server, they have helped with growth maturity and spiritual without them I wouldn’t be where I was today. I owe a lot to this server. The people here are beyond helpful.
16 days ago
eve- eve-
Free speech community
This server is fun. They have a free speech policy which means sometimes feelings get hurt, but it's also great if you like that kind of thing.
53 days ago
4 1
ur average egirl ur average egirl
The second head mod legit told me to let ppl call the corona virus a hoax and to basically diss social distancing bc of it being a hoax attached to the new world order. I have immune issues and was agressively compared to said mod as they listed their health issues saying that they’re fine with it. They ended the harsh interaction with “ The near-complete shutdown of large portions of the world is also going to result in homelessness, loss of businesses, jobs, and other income, a mental health crisis, and skyrocketing rates of domestic violence and sexual abuse, including murders such as happened yesterday in Georgia with a family of five so like pick ur poison” after I was simply stating they can’t deny the immune compromised people dying over a VERY REAL VIRUS. So yeah don’t go here they’re pricks
127 days ago
1 2
L̸a̸-̶l̶i̷-̶l̸u̷-̴l̸e̶-̴l̷o̵ L̸a̸-̶l̶i̷-̶l̸u̷-̴l̸e̶-̴l̷o̵
Decent server
Free from the usual drama, plenty of good debate and discussion often gets misinterpreted as hostility online but here it feels like a reasonable balance. The boards are on topic and the moderator team fair. Everyone friendly too, has quickly become one of my favourite servers.
201 days ago