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Tormalos- An Apocalypse RP server

Mankind has grown too powerful, and Mother Nature has had enough. Having turned almost 70% of the planet into a sprawling Cityscape and made enormous strides into the fields of science and medicine, the day of reckoning came when scientists discovered mutagen G5XP-12. Plants began mutating at an exponential rate, maturing to full growth in a matter of weeks and developing strong iron-like bark. Six months later, G5XP-12 Was found in trace amounts of the plant life in Yellowstone National park emitting sulfur and mercury gasses into the surrounding area, then a week went by and it was blooming venomous teethed flowers in Nevada's Cacti, a year later underwater plantlife began oozing a tar-like substance that made both man and animal fatally ill.
Mankind finally got the message when a houseplant in the UN panel choked the life out of the world leaders on live television. This was war. But no matter how many bullets we threw at it, or times we burned the roots they just came back stronger. And science marched on, creating chemicals designed to enhance humanity's fighting prowess, their intelligence, their instincts... then the first wave hit. Almost Overnight entire cities became dense jungles of plantlife and mutant animals too dangerous to treck through.

The year is 2336. Most of humanity has either been destroyed by the plants or killed by each other. Some settlements find peace scattered among the carcasses of the once great cities, but in the end, the Law is almost non-existent, each clan, tribe, or settlement adopting its own code of conduct. The war against the plants has gone on for as long as mankind can remember, but your story is just beginning...
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GreenSoap GreenSoap
Fun rp server, Would recommend!
Note: I am not a mod, this review was made by an average roleplayer

Tormalos is a pretty nice server, and the staff are great and willing to help, Characters have been approved pretty quickly after submitting, and the roleplays themselves are fun. The other people who joined the server are also nice to talk and rp with too, As long as you don't act like a jerk, you'll have a good time in this server! Not many negatives come to mind, unless you count the fact that you have to be level 5 to make a second character, but that isn't really a problem if you're active on the rp channels.

Overall It's a great server, If you join. You won't be dissapointed!
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Chaos Unbound Chaos Unbound
Yes. Just, yes.
What good things aren't there for me to say? The admin team's helpful, the other people are nice, and kind, and the roleplaying itself is fun, enjoyable, and when it needs to be, fast-paced (Read: Action Scenes). The lore is wonderful, the races all have their pros and cons, the creatures are realistic for the setting, and the people themselves here know when to have more of a specific race if that race is lacking in people.

Okay, now to the (very little) bad. Some people in the past have been persistent in wanting their idea to become official, even if the admins have said no repeatedly. The admin team was respectful, and explanatory as to why the idea wasn't approved. (Even when I'm on the bad, I still have good things to say!)

Overall, give this server a try if you want something new. Highly recommended!
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XXXTentacion XXXTentacion
The entire chat is so cool, everyone can be themselves even from one liners to multi sentences! I think everyone should join this server. Ya might catch me there.

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