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EJ's Dead Mansion ツ
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EJ's Dead Mansion ツ

Welcome to EJ's comfy mansion! This is a well built community server looking to add some more friends to our list. We try our best to be active everyday and provide a welcoming community to everyone! Feel free to come in and take a look around. Enjoy your stay here!

EJ's mansion features: -Holiday events!
-50+ Self Roles and Colors to choose from!
-Dank Level Roles!
-Large variety of text and voice channels!
-Fun text channels including Counting and Roast-Person-Above channels!
-Spam Channel and Copypasta channel for those who like to spam
-Many Entertaining Bots including but not limited to Dank Memer and Pokecord
-The Dankest Emotes!
-Looking for partners and staff!
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