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Trinity | Advertisements™
What's up fellow advertiser looking for a place to advertise then why not this place? come and join us on the road to 2,000 members everyone

📍• Friendly Active Staff!
📌• Friendly community!
📣• 1000! Members! for you to advertise
📜• Assignable roles and color roles!
🔎• 20+ channels to advertise in!
🔍• we also do Partnerships! just Dm a star member
👅• Leveling roles to get on top followed with roles!
💫• invite to get V.I.P and Gold advertiser and Premium Advertiser! everyone
💥• EVENT Channels!
💛• Ability To Meet New People here in the server!
R I S E Bumped 28 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

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Lieutenant Hudson † Lieutenant Hudson †
Extremely poor
Server has a toxic moderation and ownership, system is awful. I highly suggest servers such as Self Promotional Central & Hydronix Advertising instead.
1 2
azsname azsname
Best Server
This Server is great for Advertising
Great Staff Acceptence Rate
Best Discord bots
Join :)
5 1
Bad time
My friend was removed and banned for apparently spamming. The rules say you can advertise 4 times a day and that’s all they did. I will not be surprised if I am removed and banned for posting this to warn others.

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