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Trinity | Advertisements™
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Trinity | Advertisements™

📎Discord Advertising HuB🖇
 📑Do you want a server were you can advertise anything you want then join the server to do so. What are you waiting for join!😉

✦💼Advertise servers.
✦📲Advertise social media.
✦⌨Advertise Youtube Channel.
✦💻Play games.
✦🎧Listen to music.
✦🔖Self assigned.


⌾ 🛡Best moderation ever
⌾ 💓Very friendly owner.
⌾ 💌The best welcoming bot in the world.
⌾ 📋Apply for staff and get on board us.
⌾ 👂If you have a complaint then please tell us.
⌾ 💭We also have suggestions and sometimes we do the suggestions that you post.

Rise Bumped 3 hours ago

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Bad time
My friend was removed and banned for apparently spamming. The rules say you can advertise 4 times a day and that’s all they did. I will not be surprised if I am removed and banned for posting this to warn others.
Rise Rise
When you join you get the best welcoming ever i love it