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Defenders of Berk
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Defenders of Berk

Welcome to Berk!
We're a small, friendly HTTYD server that focuses mostly on the Dreamworks series and it's game School of Dragons. All are welcome! (NSFW free)
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2 reviews
Wing Wing
Nice Community :)
I very much enjoy my experience on this server. The community is friendly, the Staff are very much out there, kind, friendly and ready to help when needed. It is a great server to join if, like me, you're an avid HTTYD fan! Has a nice environment, atmosphere and is a great place to have casual HTTYD chat in, related or otherwise. I recommend it to any fan!
YukiHeartsEase YukiHeartsEase
We have alot of fun in there! It's really nice to have a space to talk to others about HTYYD in. We often share different pieces of art with each other and talk about all kinds of dragons.🐉