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[CONSTANT GIVEAWAYS EVERY WEEK!] Welcome! This is a server with a friendly community, many bots, active staff members, easy-to-use commands, giveaways and many more. Feel free to join, cause everyone is welcome here! 💗 We hope you enjoy your stay with us! 💗
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NSP_Doritos NSP_Doritos
Lit_Wick's Opinion
I've been here for a while and as know as Lit_Wick to the community. Pokelabs was recommended from a friend and I recommend it to those not part of it already. With various roles to be part of, you'll never feel left out; especially with active members supporting you along the way. Pokelabs, you should join.
l3eautiful l3eautiful
best server
with the best mods and admins. 10 out of 10, would join again.
Plactus Plactus
Pokelabs is Friendly and Fun!
Here at pokelabs I enjoy my time here because the members are fun and friendly.
Bash Bash
This sever is good join
This server is nice has a great community and mostly active staff

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