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Magic Camp
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Magic Camp

A magic and camp theme rp server looking for new people that are interested in fantasy.
We like to make fun of one another but it's cause we love eachother XD
We also hate and i mean HATE the sunbeam girl.
many OC's as you want
Talk about random things
Random memes
random/weird roles
Art channels

I.R.R.Anon Bumped 206 days ago

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The Lost Drawer The Lost Drawer
A nice server and a great community, but..
This server is great, and it has a very nice community, but there is one thing, there are one-liners commonly around the server. They are your typical one-liners that say '-is here-' or '-(insert character name) waves-', and if you're looking for a decent rp, this might not want to be your first pick. This server is for people new to rp, not for rpers that have already found a style of rping that doesn't involve one-lining. Even with that, it's still a wonderful place and I'm liking it so far, if you are new to rp or want to improve your skill, this server is perfect for you. If you are a person who knows the ropes around rping, you might want to join a different server
250 days ago