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Star Wars: The Old Republic RP
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Star Wars: The Old Republic RP

A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy far far away...
Welcome to Star Wars the Old Republic Roleplay- an open world freeform RP with dedicated players and GMs, where we strive for enjoyment and quality above all else. With nearly unlimited freedom, you can create any type of character, and tell compelling and enjoyable stories with others. With a dynamic galaxy, captivating storylines, and limitless opportunity, the galaxy is ripe for new heroes and villains to rise and fall. Everyone is welcome!
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Ratings & Reviews

11 reviews
funnest of them all
Well organized, balanced RP server with alot of active members at any time of the day. The staff is helpful and unless you are constantly going against the rules, you have a whole lot freedom on how you want to RP your character.
2 1
Lord_Typhoon Lord_Typhoon
Pretty Good.
Decent RP all round, and more active than any other server I've seen. There's a minimum quality to characters and the rp they are used for. Plenty of GMs to help get people involved.
1 5
Dea Elizabeth Constantinī Dea Elizabeth Constantinī
Great RP, but the Staff ruin it.
The mods are pricks. Stay away. If you decide to join, get ready to be annoyed by the staff. They're all up on their high horses and all assholes. Except for Mol and Froggo, they're cool.
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LightningWizard97 LightningWizard97
Good RP
Friendly staff, fun RP. Definitely the best server I could find. Give it a go!

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