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Star Wars: The Old Republic RP
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Star Wars: The Old Republic RP

A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy far far away...
Welcome to Star Wars the Old Republic Roleplay- an open world freeform RP with dedicated players and GMs, where we strive for enjoyment and quality above all else. With nearly unlimited freedom, you can create any type of character, and tell compelling and enjoyable stories with others. With a dynamic galaxy, captivating storylines, and limitless opportunity, the galaxy is ripe for new heroes and villains to rise and fall. Everyone is welcome!
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Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews
Bridge Bridge
Loyal to Lore, Enjoyable
As the title states this server is extremely loyal to canon lore, which is an extreme relief. If you love star wars lore you’ll love this server! The people here are extremely fun, staff is helpful, a good character review!
A bit slow and RP lock is very possible but overall quite nice!
Shanikan Shanikan
Enjoyable Server that commands my interest
The server is really high quality, with mods who are often fair and most are a blast to chill with. The server is reasonably active, with a large team of both character reviewers and GMs, running a cohesive storyline and smaller plots for player characters to enjoy.
3 1
PoisonRogue98 PoisonRogue98
Great quality RP and fun.
The RP is fun, and the players are good. Enjoyable stories.
Robert Robert
Great server!
High quality writing, good, casual community and solid staff!