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Electronic Gateway Music

Welcome to the EGCentre Official discord server! If you want any information, please @mention any of us (admins) or message us privately.

🔥You gain XP when you send a message!🔥

🌟We have a very cool economy system!🌟

💥Tons of bots to mess around with!💥

🌟You can level up to gain roles!🌟

🔥We are an active community!🔥

🌟Rewards and giveaways!🌟

💥Get your daily dose of memes!💥

🌟Helpful admins you can ask for help!🌟

🔥A NSFW channel for your inner evil >:)🔥

🌟Listen to sick beets with music bots!🌟

💥Lastly, crazy mini games you can play!💥
This is a fast growing server. This server used to be just for me and my friends but is now growing at a alarming rate. This server is built around gaming and conversations about gaming or real world stuff. This server is packed with bots to mess around with and mini games you can play in the discord chat. We welcome you with open arms.
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EGCentre EGCentre
I'm the owner and this is bias.
You might be thinking, "Oh what the heck? What owner would rate their own server?". My answer is, I'm the owner. That means that I want newcomers to checkout my server, so why not rate it?

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