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Monster Girl World
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Monster Girl World

~~ Welcome to Monster Girl World! ~~

We are an (E)RP server heavily based on Kenkou Cross' "Monster Girl Encyclopedia" series.

Humans and Monsters were in constant struggle in the medieval world of MGE, battling with blood and sword, but a succubus corrupted the monsters with the essence of a Succubus, and the battles of bloodshed had been turned to battles of lust and desire.

The Order exist to slay the now-lustful monsters and protect the humans, yet the Monsters wish to capture the humans to turn them into their "husbands", raping them to feed their lust for human energy and children.

Who will you be? Who's side will you take in this battle?

~> Normal, Erotic, and Combat-based Roleplay all in one server.

~> Expansive server infrastructure & curation.

~> ~100 Monster Girl species to RP as or with.

~> High quality of RP with a tie-in to lore.
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ScarlettRopes ScarlettRopes
A great place for quality ERP
I've been a member of this server since July 2018. Been a Helper since November 2018. The staff are straightforward and hold everyone to a higher standard when it comes to characters being verified and sticking to MGE lore. Toxicity is minimal and only quality RPers tend to get in and/or stick around. I really enjoy this server and hope you will to. The monster girls are waiting for you...but they are discerning in their tastes.
"Head Over Heels" "Head Over Heels"
An amazing community
Such a vague thing such as the MGE leaves lots of the powers and potentials up in the air. This server allows for the discussion for said things. I've only been here for a few days and I'm already immersed into this slowly expanding lore and world.
Razmafoof Razmafoof
A well-rounded, comfortable server.
I wasn't actually looking for an RP server when I joined this one. I was asked by someone in it to join, and just check it out and hang around. Despite being a little bit anxious at first, it's turned into one of my favorite places to spend time on discord.

The community is overall extremely positive, helpful and a bunch of great people to interact with. I'll spend a lot of time just having conversations with people in the OOC channels, talking about anything and everything. There are a few general chat channels so there can easily be multiple conversations going on without being too hard to read, various media channels, and much more just to interact with others. There aren't any toxic members either really, making every interaction positive and enjoyable.

As for the RP, there are people of various writing levels so everyone can find someone they feel comfortable with in terms of length. There is a rule against one-lining though, just to keep the quality up to a certain standard. Character creation and approval have to happen first, requiring two approvals from a staff position known as Helpers. In the event that someone is having difficulty creating a character up to the requirements, or they're just unsure on the lore, there's a channel dedicated to helping people with lore or character creation questions. There are various races from the MGE existing for people to create, and even custom races created by members as options for character creation as well. If you're looking for a server with consistent lore, higher quality RP, and helpful staff in creating your character(s) this is a great place.

Personally, I think most of the negative reviews come from people who were unwilling to fit the lore, or were generally toxic. There are definitely the people who create 18-year-old characters that are master swordsmen and can also fire laser beams, fly and instantly heal any damage and get upset when told that character doesn't fit the lore in any way. Overall, I think this is a great, welcoming server with a bunch of varied, but great people. The requirements weed out a lot of people who don't know how to RP or create interesting characters, while still not being so high that you essentially have to create a novel. Three sentences for a backstory or the personality of a character is not difficult. I may not have initially joined for the intended purpose of the server, but I've met a lot of nice people and made some great friends in the process. This server is professional and filled with a nice community worth meeting.

sophstellar sophstellar
A well run and high quality server.
This server is very much a hidden gem in a sea of bland RP and ERP servers. Their admins and mods are fair and respectful and show a refreshing level of professionalism. They also do a wonderful job at maintaining quality among Character sheets and RP in general making sure all character sheets meet a minimum standard, abide with the provided lore, and provide helpful critiques and advice to get ones not quite there up to quality. This in turn helps filter out the army of lazy one liners that so often plague all RP servers. Overall a really great server, granted you're willing to put in the effort to meet a standard of quality which gives everyone a better RP experience as a whole.