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Monster Girl World (ERP)
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Monster Girl World (ERP)

~~ Welcome to Monster Girl World! ~~

We are an (E)RP server heavily based on Kenkou Cross' "Monster Girl Encyclopedia" series.

Humans and Monsters were in constant struggle in the medieval world of MGE, battling with blood and sword, but a succubus corrupted the monsters with the essence of a Succubus, and the battles of bloodshed had been turned to battles of lust and desire.

The Order exist to slay the now-lustful monsters and protect the humans, yet the Monsters wish to capture the humans to turn them into their "husbands", raping them to feed their lust for human energy and children.

Who will you be? Who's side will you take in this battle?

~> Normal, Erotic, and Combat-based Roleplay all in one server.

~> Expansive server infrastructure & curation.

~> ~100 Monster Girl species to RP as or with.

~> High quality of RP with a tie-in to lore.
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Ratings & Reviews

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Haku Haku
Not a terrible server
So one of the staff members prompted the members of the server to write up a review. I really debated whether or not I'd write one...and, well, you can probably see what the results of that debate are down below this line.

- - - - -

Monster Girl World (ERP) - Roleplay Server
Reviewed by Frosty

It's honestly not that bad. In fact, if you're looking for ERP that mainly involves dominant monster women on submissive human men, look no further. It's got it in the description, and hell, it delivers. Go check it out and make your own judgement.

Why three stars? I've put a lot of thought into this, and for the most part the positives and negatives for the most part feel pretty level to me.

Yes, there's an active and friendly user base. Yes, there's a blatant divide between certain groups within the community. Yes, the logistics are well organized and clearly have thought put into them. Yes, certain rules do not make a lot of sense in practice. Yes, you'll find friends in it who you can share experiences and indulge in each other's company. Yes, you'll probably end up losing some friends along the way because of unnecessary drama. Yes, the posts are full of detail and usually don't contain too much padding. Yes, some find themselves with expectations so high they refuse to interact with those they deem sub-par.

All in all, the server at the very least deserves to have a thorough look at. At the end of the day it's the community that defines what the server is. The people are clearly well meaning for the most part...and even for those who I feel the slightest bit of animosity towards I honestly can't single them out for any wrong they've done to me. They're good people. The best of intentions are there. Come check them out.
Tide Tide
A'ight listen up
+ Lore-friendly with some freedom of choice.
+ Quite chill and literate community.
+ Nice staff keep it running smoothly, mostly avoid e-peen flexing.
+ Bagged myself a skeleton waifu.

- Slow and clunky start, can't read anything/get a feel for the place at first.
- Can be cliquey, hard to get attention initially.

Not without its common flaws but good overall, whether you're looking for normal/sexy RP in a faithful rendering of the setting. It's sweet to have a place to slump in and chill with my server buds. If interested, my advice is to stay motivated through the awkward introduction phase as the actual experience of the server is worthwhile.
Sonzo Sonzo
I'm not really keen on saying my take when it comes to servers as someone who tends to just breeze on by from one place to another. However, I'll admit that for the couple months or so that I've been here, I'm a little impressed. The community has been quite a trip. Mix mosh of various personalities but still retained a comfortable atmosphere to be around in. Not much else I can say other than feeling content whenever I come back here.
Dalaney Bugg Dalaney Bugg
Giving a bit of a genuine review, an update from before
Alrighty, I’m going to be fixing my response, making things a bit easier to understand as well making things better for everyone. At the same time, I can’t make an opinion for you, and you as a user must experience the server yourself. This also, however, is my own opinion, seeing how instant things change, and my own experiences bring things to my attention and more.
I have some positive things to address to the server. As of recently, my concerns were addressed and changed. I have to say that the server (again) is well organized, the lore is explored deeply, and it’s made easy to understand for those who are new to the world of Monster Girl World. Another note I’d like to add is that most of the staff is easy to address with concerns or any questions. Most are ready to answer questions and steer you in the right direction. One other note I want to address is the server is quite good for ERP, it’s a good environment where most is accepted, no raids, and people have to be 18+ to be within the server. And I have to say the general atmosphere, even with my anxiety, it’s pretty nice for the most part. Something that’s a nice touch is the different environments for the girls and where they are from so that people may encounter certain monster girls in different areas. Another nice touch is some of the fun little bot things you may do.
As for some negative things… I can’t say much for my end, and I have to say most of my negatives were fixed. Keyword most, however, they are understaffed, (THIS IS NOT A JAB) and they may need some help, so an influx of new users may help them find new helpers, mods, and maybe even admins. From here, server improvement may be made, and it’s understood that everyone has their own life and their own events going, on, at the time of this I have been in and out of doc and hospital appointments. I have been given apologies for my concerns and that’s pretty good. But I do have one other negative, that only negative is semi-biases. Most people are welcome to roleplay with one another, while some are VERY selective. But that’s up to preference, and that’s totally fine, however, maybe make it a little less tough for the newbies. Seeing most if not all people I spoke to literally told me that well… The first week or two is literal hell for newbies.
I do hope this helps, this is something to keep in mind and is only my opinion/experience. I do have to say I hold no ill will, and I wanted to make my review a bit more genuine than the other one. Thank you for listening to my TED talk.