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Lewdposting Dungeon
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Lewdposting Dungeon

An up-and-coming lewd-sharing server looking for new, active posters to share "works of art" and help liven up the server:

• Split into multiple categories and channels to allow users to post what they're interested in and mute what they're not into,
• categories encompassing both "eastern" and "western" art, as well as subgenres and IRL stuff,
• short and concise ruleset, very lax rules content-wise (there's a place for pretty much everything and anything that's not straight up banned by discord),
• active admin and mod crew,
• channels for SFW discussions and serious talk,
• dedicated category for artists to show their original creations, both lewd and not,
• a place to find people to ERP with (but it should be conducted in private),
• light, generally non-serious atmosphere,
• puns and references that you'll either love or hate,
• roles given for activity, as well as occasional personal roles,
• open to new ideas and suggestions for new topics and channels.

Join today, speak up, ask around and, most importantly, share some lewds.

Also - not bloated with general-purpose bots, instead features two completely custom-made bots for the server:
◦ SauceBot, which makes finding sources for art as easy as two clicks
◦ TopLewdBot, which counts overall server, channel and user activity. Every 24h it chooses Channel of the Day and a Promoted Member who can score more points that day.
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