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Cocoa, Cuddles, and Coitus~
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Cocoa, Cuddles, and Coitus~

Looking for a comfortable place to make friends with similarly vanilla sexual interests? We just might be the server you're looking for!

We're a vanilla, friendly, and wholesome ERP community with a focus on the friendships between our characters rather than the sex (but yes there's still sex lol.) We're active in our out-of-character chat, and have many members that are happy to ERP when they have the time! Come check us out, see if you'd like to be a part of our close-knit group ^^
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Levian Levian
Best server I've joined
TL;DR: a good community to make friends and occasional ERP. no humans, don't be an ass or an sensitive drama queen/king

Of all the servers I have joined, this is the only one I keep at the top of my list and constantly go back to. Good Furry community, very little drama, and some amazing Role players. art sharing, art 'appreciating' and plenty of things to chat about as long as you like chatting.

The staff of three is active and friendly, very approachable, and more than willing to help sort things out. they work hard to keep the peace and keep the Café as tidy as it can be

That said, This is not a server to just be a needy furry. Roleplaying is fun and ERP is one of the main Role plays, but it is not the focus. Simply being a community is. If you join just to get your rocks off, you will be disappointed. Enter with some thick skin and know that not everyone will have the same opinion. trust me on that one, and they will let you know.
160 days ago
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Felixlova Felixlova
Cute and friendly community~
A buncha cuties and good friends. Joined not long ago but everyone is really friendly :3
164 days ago
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WikkSiva WikkSiva
CCC is the place to be~
A wonderful and welcoming community full of kind souls. I've been in this server since September 2018 and I don't ever plan on leaving. Angela, the owner, always knows how to take care of you properly (if you get my meaning :P ), Wyatt the fantastic barista knows how to make the best bacon sandwiches and Aria knows how to be the cuddliest Avali ever known to fluff~
The only thing I would say is that this is a vanilla server, so don't be surprised if you can't engage in some extreme kinks, you've been warned! But as long as you just read the rules and behave there won't be a problem <3
165 days ago
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Eternal Eternal
Its like coffee and cream.
This server is a vanilla lewd Rp server with a chill background / story to help you out, Really kind staff, Wholesome people to Rp with or to just chill out with.

What more can I say? A lot about this server is amazing especially Sylvia our fearless leader.

Every Server has problems this one is a little quiet.. that's it - that's really all of its problems which can change with more people.

If you.
-Don't mind doing a small survey to enter
-Following really simple rules
-Being chill
-Talking with a wholesome vanilla community
-Not being harassed every two seconds by a cluster of DMs
-Not being pressured into being lewd all the time.
Then try our little community you might get hooked, stay a while and try the Coco.
165 days ago