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Dialga's Time Rift
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Dialga's Time Rift

Hey, hey you! yeah, you! looking for a fun-filled and active pokecord community?
Then you've found the perfect place, we're always happy to welcome newbies and those who are experienced. Along with the basics such as duels, trading, and even auctions. We have:

- Events (Such as tournaments and much more)
- Giveaways (Almost every day)
- Gym battles and an Elite 4 (Looking for leaders!)
- A fully functioning daycare service to level your pokemon
- Art channels
- A sister server for pokemon roleplay!
- Individual-level ranks (With perks ^w^)
- Private rooms
- A "Battle Chateau", for your battling desires!
And a great community that I'm proud to be a part of.
If your looking an active place to talk and chat with about pokecord and sometimes just talk in general!
Then step into the time rift
Noctrine 💙 Bumped 4 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

7 reviews
✧ Storm ✧ ✧ Storm ✧
It is fun ig
I really enjoyed the server, the staff is nice, we have a lot of fun dont be shy!
Kane Kane
Amazing Server
The staff are friendly and very caring, the same goes for the vast majority of the members.
Gardevoir Gardevoir
Amazing server with lots of great people to meet!
From the very start of my visit within the server I was blown away by the rather kind and welcoming atmosphere the place has to offer, not to mention the entire place feels active at all times. If you are looking for a place to play pokecord or just meet some friends who enjoy pokemon as much as you do then this is most likely the place for you. Dont take my word for it, just come on in and try it out for yourself! ^^)/
OmniBeta OmniBeta
It's actually very good.
By all means, this is a server that is beginner and veteran friendly and where everyone (that is active) will probably not feel alienated for their opinions.
Do understand though that this server is not a place to do illicit or obviously glared upon stuff so don't just come here to raid or snipe or be one of those weird people leaving "pictures".
This is meant to be a friendly and accepting environment for everyone in it, so if you want something like that... Then do join this place and seriously, don't do what I mentioned above or you will be either insta-kicked or insta-banned.

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