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Few things about Ratland:
-M E M E S.
-Self roles with just 1 click.
-Pokecord with a dedicated channel.
-Akinator with a dedicated channel.
-Basically no rules.
-Unlockable NSFW channel.
-Roles based on a level up system.
-Roles based on an invite system.
-Server is spam and raid protected.
-Accepting partnerships.
Do you like what you see? Join Ratland right now or die. >:V
-EDIT: A spam channel has also been added so join rn or die again.
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61 reviews
hehehehehehe hehehehehehe
best god damn server ever
this server i know it for almost 1 mount and i love it i vish this server get 1 mill memebers it jas everything.
ηεατ - ჩειτ ηεατ - ჩειτ
basically ratland
ratland is like a family-friendly server and it's composed of good people, you should like, join. don't read bad reviews of ratland, they just want attention. ratland is like family, the owner is pretty much like a parent to all. some people curse and insult each other, but that's what they normally do. it's really fun in ratland. join now. ^^
Jochar Jochar
ratland good?
Pretty good
Kreyz Kreyz
Ratland's Review
Pretty cool server, channels, memes, and more.
It's good.