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●▬▬▬๑ -- THAQALAYN -- ๑▬▬▬●

Thaqalayn is a Shia outreach server dedicated to Shia education and tazkiyah. Our server intends to cater to an audience which is more well-read and focused in western/English-speaking academic works (be it in philosophy- western or Islamic, politics, or Shia history, Shia fiqh, etc.). While this is our intended focus, we also emphasize worship and obtaining a greater understanding of the religion through the works of the ulema. All religions and sects are welcome to join for higher level, ~non-polemical~, academic dialogue.


You may recognize Thaqalayn as having been a casual Shia hangout server with a focus on polemic debate. We are attempting to rebrand ourselves- creating a Shia community further that caters to an audience interested in beyond casual discussion or polemics. Inshallah we hope to have you again if you’ve been off-put previously.

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Ratings & Reviews

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Fallen Rose Fallen Rose
Islam server
I like this server brother sisters if you looking for islam server here it is i think im enjoying time there its fun server plus its islamic server so year 5 stars give it a try brother / sisters!
26 days ago
2 2
Husayni Husayni
Respectful server
This server does not discriminate if you are Shiite, Sunni, Christian, Jew, or anything. Everyone is treated equally and those who act racist and/or insult others' religions are always punished.
163 days ago
3 3
hussain bilgrami hussain bilgrami
A Nice server
A lot of people are under the impression that this server is biased against Sunnis. How about you join and you see for yourself? Sunnis are treated with respect, just as much as Shias are. Equality for all sects in that server
266 days ago
2 6
Look Its Me Look Its Me
don't ever join this awful server, once anyone points out their shirk and kaffur beliefs they will ban you. They ban Sunnis for fun wallahi. Stay safe Muslims stay away from this filth
312 days ago