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The Furry Kingdom
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The Furry Kingdom

Hey guys!
This is Furry Kingdom!
We're a friendly, fun and furry-centric community server. We have bots! role play section, active staff member and more!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

★ Active Staff team

★ Furry bot, as well as other fun bots

★ A great tight-knit community

★ Great protection against raid

★ LGBT+ Friendly server

★ Roleplaying channels

★ Self roles

And more! You don’t have to be a furry to join, everyone is welcome!

Server owner @Ash

verl Bumped 6 days ago

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Angel Dust Angel Dust
I was cared about

102 days ago
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Mae Mae
Owner is immature and Traces art!
Me and the Owner Cayleigh did a partnership with my server a while back, everything seemed fine until I changed a few things on my server, which caused me to change the description of my server, I asked all the people who I partnered with if they could edit the description I made into the new one I made, I ask Cayleigh this as well. Cayleigh completely changed my description, not what I asked her at all, I told her nicely that was not what I meant, and she freaked out on me. Telling me that “that’s what I said” when I didn’t. She then decided to be very passive aggressive and her custom mood was basically slandering me. She then posted art on my server that I saw in an animators video, she basically traced over it. When I told her she traced, she called me dumb, and started mocking me. That’s when I cancelled the partnership and banned her, I do not tolerate slander and an art theif. Their staff is pretty fishy as well, as they kept on changing their mind on the partnership. I wouldn’t recommend joining or being her friend.

Edit: (Since she replied I’m gonna reply to her reply) you obviously can’t draw if you are going to trace, there are many witnesses on my server that saw what you did. It’s pathetic how rude you can be when people call you out for your bullshit, stop acting like a child and grow up
Cayleigh ♡ Cayleigh ♡
Admin response
My dude, I don’t draw 😂

You need to be more clear on what you say my dude :)
253 days ago
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DevlinQS DevlinQS
Definitely join this server. Everything is so organized and the staff are pretty quick and welcoming! Not to mention the other cool features they have =D I wont spoil all the glory GO JOIN
390 days ago