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.:|. Acuity Academy~ .|:.

The very concept of it is foreign. A world where everything is normal varied from mind to mind.

People see different things in their dreams, reflections of how they view the real world. That may manipulative their perspective.

What if you had the power to manipulate their perspective by entering their dreams?

In Acuity Academy, there is a setting, an updating story, lore. And it will contain more than just who the next enemy to beat is. It will have real-world messages, character development, and a world you can change simply by interacting with it.

You can choose to live an entirely normal high school life, or even be an adult living in an adult world.
But we will always have that door open for you to leave Normality behind.

The community itself is fairly open and accepting. We accept most roleplayers. New or experienced, but we do have rules to follow to keep the server the way we want it: Story driven, friendly, and a comfortable environment for everyone. (Cursed rules.)

If this piqued your interest, why not spare a few minutes to see it in detail? Stay, if you'd like. We try to be friendly as possible.
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Nix Nix
Fresh Roleplay Universe
A super interesting RP setting where you create a "real life character" which will eventually find their way into the dreamworld, a warped version of reality where they may have fantastic abilities and adventures. A lot of intrigue and drama to come. Leadership unclear and userbase is young.
Leafy Leafy
Acuity Academy is one of my favorite roleplay servers to date. It's really creative, and it's a young server, so to get the full experience, you should join now! The people are welcoming and everything is almost perfect!! Definitely plan on staying a while!

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