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🔥 🔷 Welcome to ZERØ 🔷 🔥
We are a large discord server set on becoming one of the best and most engaging. We constantly renew and improve aspects of the server, to make sure it really is the best we can make it. The offers we have for you are:
🔸 A friendly community full of fun people 😋
🔸 Different categories to suit your social needs 👥
🔸 Different voice channels 📞
🔸 Music Channels and Bots 🎵
🔸 Our own custom server bot to add to the fun 🤖
🔸 An all-round, friendly staff and admin team 😎
🔸 An NSFW channel 🔞
🔸 Regular events and competitions 🥇
🔸 Opportunity for partnerships 🤝

We vow to listen to any suggestions you have, in order to make our server the best it can be. We constantly maintain the server to make sure it's friendly, safe and engaging. We thank you for reading and hope to see you here ❤
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Dragonxenolith Dragonxenolith
Joined a month back and was greeted with friendliness. The people there are nice and fun talk with. I quickly found some nice people with same interests :D Hope this review makes you want to join our community(^u^)
Reef Reef
Grey Prince Cutup
- Invincible
Grey Prince Cutup
5 1
Elijah Elijah
p neat place
I was surfing disboard a couple of weeks ago when I came across this gem. I was open with the fact that I joined just for a place to talk to new people, and right away people were accepting and nice. If you want a server to talk with friends and vc from time to time then this is the place for you. Sure, there are arguments from time to time, but literally every discord has some arguments. Going into any server hoping for it to be clean all the time is an impossible requirement to ask of people. If you want a server that never has any arguments whatsoever, then go join a family friendly Christian server. tehn outta tehnnnnnn
Dargon Dargon
Great server with a community that is easy to become a part of
Joined a few weeks ago and became active on the server (full disclaimer, I did get promoted to mod a few days ago). People were quick to welcome me, and were all friendly. There's almost always a conversation going and all the rules are fair with none being harshly enforced, whilst if there is a serious situation it is dealt with quickly and effectively, no matter what time it was. I chose this server because I was looking for a new server with a smaller community so that I could get introduced easier and I was not disappointed. I would highly reccomend it if you are looking for a new server to become active in.

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