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Cookie World

Cookie World

Hello, Welcome to Cookie World!
A place to chill and Have fun! and eat cookies!!!
We Hangout and talk (about cookies!)
Voice-chats to get to know each other
Chats. We have everything to be honest!
We got bots for members pleasure .
Nice and experienced staff and a bunch of nice and friendly people!
Tell us your favorite cookies! Chocolate chip... White chocolate... Sugar cookies!
Don't be shy and come and chill and have a cookie!
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Ratings & Reviews

7 reviews
Just A Person Just A Person
Amazing server! Lots of different species of sweet cookies. Lovely! Amazing staff and lots of fun stuff to checkout and do. I would say join! its worth it. 5 stars!
TheMintyToaster TheMintyToaster
An absolutely amazing server!
I’ve joined this server quite recently and I’m already writing a five star review. That is how amazing this server is. You can find a warm and welcoming community here alongside some of the best staff members you’ll find. The owner is very excepting and treats everybody the same, which is something that I like. I mean, you can either listen to me go on about how incredible this server is or check it out yourself! 😉
ZenTheRebel ZenTheRebel
Good variety, competitions and active admins. I can't complain in any of the departments!
J-oker J-oker
Would Live Here
Cookies are amazing and this server really captures the way to cookie crumbles am I right? OwO 10/10 Would Cookie Again