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The Grocery Store
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The Grocery Store

The Grocery Store: where minimum wage has never been less worth it.

(Warning, contains some graphic/violent roleplay and rather intense scenes, though you can easily avoid that if it's not your thing)

A server designed to fit any of your needs, with something always going on. What character do you want to use? Perhaps you're into animals, and want to embrace your inner furry, well, we have Wiinter the wolf working in the pharmacy. Perhaps you're an average type of person, familiar with working retail. Characters like Sam and JW are just trying to get through the day and avoid getting hurt. (Though, be warned, you might fall in love with ancient Gods). Maybe you want a dash of something special - Kori's an average girl trying to make it through college, if you don't count her levitation abilities. Or, perhaps, you want to let your imagination run wild. Id is a vanta black mist man who commands an army of undead birds.

No matter what you want, we're here for in. Agender security guards who might be bees. Golems, ghosts, cats, even sentient sandwiches.

Oh, but isn't the genre messy? What do I *do* in this server?

Whatever you want, provided you don't fight with your fellow colleagues. The server plot are vast and wide. Are you interested in fantasy/sci-fi? Well, the head of securities evil doppelganger from an alternate timeline just got resurrected and wants to kill a god. Interested in action/adventure? There's a wild pack of coyotes slowly taking over the store. Horror/thriller? There's a monster of grey goo that feeds off your deepest secrets and lurks in the warehouse. Or, maybe, you're here for comedy. We got that too, if you don't want either who can run free reign to create your own wacky hijinks. Lord knows there's a lot of that.

Your shift starts now, if you're interested.
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