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Kalos: Trainer Roleplay
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Kalos: Trainer Roleplay

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Updated as of 11/24/19 *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Hello and welcome to the wonderful region of Kalos. Here, you'll begin your journey into the vast region, encountering many Pokemon and Trainers alike. Just as those before you, for many years now, your character will start their journey in Vaniville Town to meet with one of the four unique Professors you won't find anywhere else. Each lab is different, but will provide the same result, your trainer recieving their very first Pokemon. Unlike in the past, you can recieve just about any Pokemon as a starter, in their first stage of course, through a weekly updated list of all the different Types.

We may have died out for a bit here, but we're back and with more channels and things to do than before and we're ready to bring this place back to life!

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* What We Offer *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

❤Active and Friendly staff
❤Fun and unique Pokemon events
❤A wide selection of Pokemon to choose from for starters
❤A relaxing and self-paced roleplay experience
❤Level Rank Benefits
❤A new look, along with more channels to allow for more creativity
❤Showdown battles with NPCs and other Trainers
❤New and interesting Evil Team: Team Luxury!
❤Literate Members

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Lore *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

A hundred years have passed, and the multi-regional land is thriving and bustling with as much style as ever. Team Flare has been disbanded completely, and during the aftermath of their ultimate weapon and news of other Teams throughout the neighboring regions, it's been decided that there'll be a registration period for any prospective Trainers: fifteen years old to nineteen years old, after taking on five years of Trainer School. Once they gain that registration, they may head over to Vaniville Town, where Yarrow has chosen to set up his homey yet stylish lab, exterior befitting of the quaint settlement. He later was succeeded by four professors: Malik, Cassia, Yang, and Azalea.

For now, it's been the usual routine of new Trainers coming and going, looking to start their journeys for one reason or another. In Kalos - along the seaside, throughout the mountains, across the plains, begin a Trainer's journey once more with new faces all around, and simply live.

...Except something bright and dark all at once stirs on the horizon. In shadow-born brilliance, Team Luxury traffics and converts Pokémon as shinies, intent on making as much profit as possible with their widespread system. Does it matter though? For the sake of riches, one can certainly join up with this bedazzling group. Or perhaps one may be more interested in defying them, to stop this maltreatment before it can get worse.

The routine has been broken. Seek your decadence or challenge those who do.
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Ratings & Reviews

23 reviews
skytothestar skytothestar
Just joined and already having fun!
I’ve just recently joined the server and I won’t be lying - it’s great fun so far. The server is packed full with channels of various areas in Kalos, they hold interesting events and even host giveaways for various of different bonuses. The system of this server is complex yet simple enough for even a smol brain such as myself. Evidently, the server does have quite a chunk of information to sift through before you can have a full understanding of how it works, so if you’re not up for doing some good ol reading, perhaps you should reconsider joining. Though it’s absolutely worth the time spent. The staff are friendly and easy to interact with, with rules and regulations on how to contact them in the most respectful and convenient way. The server does require good activity, providing bonuses to members of a high activity and warnings with people of a lower activity. This server isn’t for people who one-line or are incapable of role playing regularly, you have expectations that you should be meeting. Nonetheless, it’s a great server if you’re up for it! Definitely will try to set my friends up for it~
Lark Lark
A server worth trying out!!
When I first joined, I remember skimming over the reviews from the server's earlier days. I had some doubts about the server but I decided to give it a chance.

And I am *very* glad I did.

I've made a lot of friends here in my (admittedly relatively short) time here. The community is great, and the aforementioned xp system is super easy to understand if you're willing to put the work forward (and there's even a self-calculating spreadsheet!). I can always expect to find good, productive RP here as well, and even reading through some of the solo RPs people have done is super exciting!!

That said, I do think it's a good idea to give this server a chance. It's not for everyone -- the character creation guidelines are firm and the initial bio process can be difficult for those less well-versed in literate RP -- but the community is super good and I definitely recommend giving it a try. 💖
rozenspark rozenspark
Fun rp server
I quite enjoy this pokemon rp server. While I was a bit nervous at first, I grew used to the members and staff. The showdown battles are a quick and easy way to battle and gain exp for the Pokemon. Kalos's starter system is a nice touch, far more choices and the weekly events are a hoot.
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Sexy Iguana Jacky Sexy Iguana Jacky
I remember well the very first day I joined. Everything was big and confusing to me - and at first I was actually comsidering to leave. Now I am glad I didn't.

The server has many very friendly and warm people. Sure, sometimes there's problems that need to be dealt with but let's be real: what place doesn't have problems?

Kalos is a place where everyone can find what they want. You can RP freely and create your story the way you want it, or you can play it out by RPing. There's events every weekend where you can win either a useful pokémon or an item you might need!
At first it may seem all very overwhelming but trust me, it'll be worth it. With time you'll learn to understand everything and staff helps you with it.

Sure, it is a lirerate server. Sure, we do demand a certain form of activity.
Doesn't that make the whole place even better? An entire server filled with literate, active RPers~