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Cocoa Café
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Cocoa Café

A server begun by my friend and I, who wish to see a safe, comfortably pretty place for those of us who are mentally ill to be able to have fun. Only requirement? Be 13+!
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9 reviews
Hedda Hedda
Loving ☺️ Service
Waiting time is fast I swear it's cozy and warm ❤️
3 2
Moni Moni
Happy <3
It keeps me cheery and happy ~ 🧡
2 1
Purrtenia Purrtenia
I like the general acceptance of the place; if anybody's sad they're so getting spampinged with hugs. I know from personal experience.
2 1
{Rose🥀System} {Rose🥀System}
An amazing Support server
This server is a very warm welcoming place. The people here are very kind hearted. I feel safe when I’m in this server. The staff and Owner very kind and work hard to maintain the server. If you need a safe space this is the place for you ❤️