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Awesome’s Meme Server

Welcome to my meme server! Check out all kinds of memes! Funny memes, gamer memes, you name it! This server is meant for everyone (which should probably mean 13- because that’s what discord wants)! We just want to see yo memes. And we have a whole selection of roles for you to chose to color yourself, and cool unlockable roles! Also, don’t worry about nsfw if you’re a Christian kid, we’ve raid proofed the server (also means you won’t get unnessicary @everyone pings unless it’s from an admin)! Be sure to join! Especially for memes, if you advertise outside of our advertisement channel. Join now
AwesomeToThe64 Bumped 24 days ago

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im sad leave me alone im sad leave me alone
Dead af
Moderation bot keeps you from saying what you need to say
Not worth your time. You could easily find a better server
AwesomeToThe64 AwesomeToThe64
Admin response
Moderation bot only blocks the f word is that really all you want to say? Lol. Also if you want to fix the problem of it being dead how about you invite people