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The Hellhole
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The Hellhole

▬▬❧ The Autistic Hellhole v2.0 ☙▬▬

Hello and welcome to The Autistic Hellhole v2.0!

This is a remake of the old hellhole that is currently demolished.
Here you can make friends, foes, or something else ;)
Don't push it too far, or you will end up being bullied here.
The server is mostly made for hangouts, memes, fights, and other random stuff.
It's packed with bots and channels, and we always add more!
You also can give us a bit more information about yourself if you want, by using the self assignable roles we have here!
If you want to suggest us something, just drop it in the suggestions channel and the owner is gonna look into it!
We're still a small server, so help us with that and make our comunity grow! When we get a bit bigger we're gonna start changing some stuff, so stick around for that too!
You can also apply for staff, although you need to be active more then. You can be inactive for one week, after that, you get demoted one rank down.

▬▬❧ What we have ☙▬▬

We have a lot of fun bots to keep you entertained while you're bored!
We have a lot of fun channels, too much to name them here.
We have cool people on the server, but watch out for them otherwise you're gonna get bullied like i said before.
We have 3 music bots so you don't have to argue with someone on what to listen to!
A lot of NSFW channels that you can access only with the self assignable role, so if you don't want nsfw, you won't see it.
Advertisement channels for other discord servers, youtube, and other social media
And a lot of other stuff, so if you're interested, come join us and see for yourself :)
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