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~Communin Funity~
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~Communin Funity~

Hiya! Welcome to ~Communin Funity~! What can you do here you may ask? Well don't worry, we've got you covered!

All of the things you can do here:

- 10+ Bots on this server!
- MEE6 special command! ( !smile )!
- Just chill peeps in general ( Swearing Allowed )!
- 30+ Channels waiting for you!

*Make sure to have fun! If you have any trouble, please contact a server moderator or the server owner.*
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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews
♡ I love him | Grape Soda bean♡ ♡ I love him | Grape Soda bean♡
The owner is very nice
I love the owner she is very and I love the server. Its cool. I love the people in the server. It looks very active!
雪兔 雪兔
Great staff and friendly members!!
All of the members are friendly and welcoming! Toxicity and drama are rarely seen in the server and the staff are amazing. They do a great job of monitoring and also are very friendly. I'd recommend joining this server if you're looking for some new friends and a chill hangout 💖💖
akia akia
The people in the sever are very nice
They're really loving and can help you with really anything! They also talk to everyone in the sever!
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Jon Arbuckle Jon Arbuckle
Nice place!
Though im not active there a lot, the place is pretty great. im friends with the server owner and a couple of mods, so i can confirm that its very fun and positive. though it can be a little empty, its still great. ☺