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Vigilant League™

Hello! The Vigilant League is a roleplay server that focuses on a superhero theme, everything is explained through simple lore with many different plots to fit your style. You can make either a hero, villain or anything in between.
We are a no pressure based server with an active community. There is always someone to RP with. The host of characters is diverse and creative and we frequently do spontaneous events. We have been running strong for over a year now and are proud to say it.
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Ratings & Reviews

9 reviews
John John
Really Great Server!
I've been going from server to server, trying to find one that I really liked and fit what I was looking for. This server was just it, the rules and way this server is established makes the role playing fun and pretty realistic, which some may not be used to or like really, but I for one love it. It takes a bit to get used to at first if you're not so used to realism in your role plays, but you start getting the hang of it. The mods and other users in the server are all really nice and try their best to help out, just had some people come in and we're being really rude and that's where some of these bad reviews are from, of course both sides could've handled this better, but you know we're all human. So I say come on in and give it a try and I hope you like the server as much as I have.
2 1
Loki Loki
fun with cool peeps
Servers full of cool people that friendly. Lores pretty good too
4 3
Captain_Autismo Captain_Autismo
Pretty fuckin chill
This was my first time doing an RP, but I was immediately accepted by the many friendly and wonderful community of the server. I now basically waste my life away on it and I wouldn't have it any other way.
6 3
jesterkitty jesterkitty
Pretty gud
The mods can be strict from time to time but at least it keeps people in check. The rules are well written and detailed, and roleplay is easy to get into. overall a pretty good server.

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