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A place for everyone to chill, make friends and hopefully more 💕!! The server is strictly SFW. We have friendly staff. Just join and have fun and see for yourself 😊
!!! We also do match making events, where you get matched with people of your preference whose preference you are as well !!! So join and participate~
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micah micah
Don't join unless you want a biased owner and asshole mods
Don't join this server, because mods and admins are complete assholes, not only that but we were accused of attacking another person, even though I was muted only once for spamming their dms, but they get no punishment even though they said stuff about me too! My friends and I were dragged into a plot to get us all banned by a mod with a moe pfp, the mod dmed me, then ranted about how much of an asshole this guy was, and said "we'll make the justice league" and i thought of it as a joke, the mods were permitted to say whatever they wanted about the person, so they called him a degenerate piece of trash that belonged in the street in the server, but they were never punished because it was a "plot" to get us banned. Unless you want some creepy ass mods and a biased owner, DO NOT join this server.
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Azzy Azzy
Kinda a creepy place.
The server was nice for a while, but I started seeing some rather unfortunate hostility towards trans women in the server, and defenses of that sort of behavior by the rest of the server community. After several incidents of my own, I can firmly say I do not feel safe there. It's fine if you're any other identity or orientation but I legitimately cannot recommend it for other trans women.
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Beefie Beefie
A bit small but cozy
Yeah it's a bit small as of now, but it's cozy!

Why don't you review L D I?