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Virtual Discord
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Virtual Discord

A friendly low populated server for people to make new friends, hangout and have some fun. Events are held every weekend. Anime bots are used in this server to promote gif chatting too~

-Lots of Bots (Requested bots may also be added)
-Spiritual Ascension
-Anime Chatting
-Game Chatting
-Friendly peeps
-Platforms (PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo)

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Abiicias Abiicias
An Ambitious Attempt
Virtual Discord is a server that suffers from majority of common server issues that you can easily find within most servers you come across. Way too many channel topics for only a handful of people, a graveyard of users who speak rarely, and an sure direction on where and how to fix the flaws that reside within the server itself. A fair example is while there are 70+ channels, less than 5 are used more than once. It’s a common issue of building something too big without the necessary patrons to support it. Another example on an issue that could be fixed is the “Server Partnership” gimmick where users can promote their own servers as long as they meet certain specifics. This idea, while seemingly harmless at first, basically kills your own server by offering nothing more than being a billboard.

While the server does suffer those tiresome issues, it does have some perks depending on your perspective. There is little drama that cycles through the channels, toxicity is low, and there’s plenty of tool for the server to improve over time as it holds occasional events in an attempt to make something more eventful for its users. These events ranging from listening to music, art contests, writing competitions, and a few others. However these too don’t go to much as very few, if any, participate.

Overall, Virtual Discord can best be describe as a server that is still trying to figure out what to make of itself. It has an idea of where it wants to be, but it’s ambitiousness ended up becoming an ingredient that is holding its progress back by appealing to people who aren’t even there. Definitely some room to improve for it to go from a “server” to a “proper server.”
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♡Yuzi♡ ♡Yuzi♡
Well organized server
lots of roles, channels, good music list, fun events. Refeshing retreat from toxic servers