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Otaku Hangout
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Otaku Hangout

Awesome otaku comminity with fun bots and awesome members. Active anime/manga enthusiasm. Like anime? Why not join and check us out? :) We'd love for you to join so what we can grow our community.
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Yami Yugi Season 0 Yami Yugi Season 0
Otaku Hangout
This is my favorite otaku server of all time since the most people here are active,nice and very caring.
The first time i joined it already was active and they always were nice to me!
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Got Kick Out Of The Server
I got kick out the server for no reason. The mod here is clear abuse their power for nothing. Admin abuse.
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Ayumi x Filur1n Ayumi x Filur1n
Great Anime Server!
This server has a good community and they love anime.
The server members are super active and loving.
I would recommend this server for people who like active members and like anime. 10/10
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s̶h̶i̶b̶a̶ s̶h̶i̶b̶a̶
Otaku Hangout Review
It is a great server that has a great community. It is so fun to be in this server.
I also love the bots it have.