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Mages and Magic Role Play
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Mages and Magic Role Play

Join us in a medieval world of fantasy and adventure.

He we have two different kingdoms, of which you can live in and travel though. As well as four unique factions. Choice between joining:
The Mages Guild: a place for those who hold the magical arts to meat other mages and train in there talents
The Mage Hunters: a group that hates all mage and fight to kill every mage and magical creature
The Silverstar Knights: a organization of noble fighters seeking to rid the world of evil
The Order of Ebony: a order that values freedom in all cases even if you wish freedom form the law
If none of these choices appeal to you then join no faction and live how ever you want, or you can try to make your own factions with other players and fallow your own rules.

In addition to factions we have many different types of magic to have. From making illusions, raising the dead, healing, controlling fire, making potions, and more. You can go to many master in the world to train your talents, so you can be the best mage you can be.

And if magic is not enough for you there are a number of magical creatures that you may also encounter and even on occasion play if you wish. From the cursed being such as vampires, and werewolves, to those who are created by magic such as skeletons and shadow people, to those that are born with magic like fairies and mermaids. There are many different inhabitants in the world all with there own special powers and weaknesses.

So please come one and all to this world of mages, magic, ghost, magical creatures, and much much more. weather you want to become the most powerful mage, or hunt them down, weather you want to do evil or destroy it, there is a place for you here.
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Kat Kat
Great server for RP!
I honestly can say that I really enjoy roleplaying on this server, the community there is great, and they have amazing staff! I would recommend joining if you enjoy fantasy rp, or just rp in general, as it's one of the best I've seen.

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