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Hello! Are you into roleplay? Not so into roleplay? Then here's a great server for either chatting or roleplaying!

It has:
💬 General chat, including channels for memes and music!
🤖 Cool bots like Yggdrasil, Mantaro, Tatsumaki, and more!
🏹 Roleplay with organized rules, a cohesive lore, and great characters!

⚔️ Roleplay Plot: A mysterious mage called Nightmare created the dream world Akerrion and brought everyone in the city of Mayfal Capital into the world. The dream world is in a medieval setting. In this world, Nightmare is the king. It is the goal of the people to find Nightmare’s castle, march in, and defeat him in order to wake up and return to their world.

Come join the magnificent dream world of Akerrion!
Aurora Starlight Bumped 187 days ago

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