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Imouto Heaven
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Imouto Heaven

Imouto Heaven is a rapidly growing Anime & Gaming community, run by a quirky bunch, that knows how to have fun!
We always strive for improvement, and put value in making it comfy for our dear members as well as keeping it a non-toxic environment.

Features & Role-Exclusive Content:
・Anime/Manga/Cosplay | airing notifications, art, recommend, discuss, memes & watch togethers!
・Dedicated NSFW category, divided by Tags, +automatic posts
・Literate & Erotic Roleplay
・Sharing channels for Art/Animation/Design

・Trending Memes
・Enthusiastic Foodporn
・Collection of Hamster Pictures
・Story-Time & Photo Album to share your personal stories and events

You will notice we do have a whole lot of options in this server, and thanks to our exclusive role-channel system, everyone can pick something that suits their interests.
(without having to see all the other channels)

Each of our game categories come with their own news channel (webhooks), so we'll always be informed about the latest events!
We also have a LFG system integrated so you'll never be alone!

・Free Games & Discounts | Steam Sales, Best Price Comparison
・Mixed Bag = introduce/talk & play various Games

・Destiny 2
・League of Legends
・Ark Survival Evolved | Hosted Servers inc.
・Blade & Soul
・Pokéverse category

Technical Stuff:
We are a well protected server that's equipped with far too many security measures, You won't ever have to worry about drama or harassment happening here.
Some of them include: anti- raid, bots, alt accounts, spam, zalgo, bad words, bad links.

・Welcome Image + DMs
・Reaction Roles & Colors
・Introductions & Social Media
・Level Up + Rewards! (custom role/channel/webhook)
・Feeds | Webhooks that'll keep us up to date with our favorite topics! (category specific)
・Music/Radio Bots
・GIF interactions | Pat, hug, cuddle all your friends!

We are open for Partnerships, simply come and ask.
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Ratings & Reviews

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If you're looking for a great time, that's it, you found it.
Meme channels are always full, so is the art channel. Most of the people are open for discussion and there were some awesome convos we had there, there's also always someone to play with.
Admin is constantly working on improving the server, the mods are quickly taking care of any sorts of pieces of rock salt that got lost and started being toxic. Not all the heroes wear capes, huh?
Honestly, almost everyone is being really friendly and fun to talk to, and seeing so many passionate hooman made me quite happy.
I rate 9/11, once in you can't get out uwu

"i want you to include a line saying mouths dont have a gender"

"my ass doesnt have a built in ruler sorry"

"okay i don't get what's hot dogs and what's dicks anymore"

^our great moments, various members, join to find out what gave birth to these wonderful quotes.