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Pokémon Generations League
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Pokémon Generations League

🏆 Welcome to the Pokémon Generations League!

Prepare yourself for a unique Showdown Experience!
[Battles are played on Pokémon Showdown.]

☠️Get ready to battle the fiercest Elite Trainers across all 7 Generations.

🌎Elite Trainers will include Rivals, Bosses and Champions of their respective Regions.

⚔️They'll use teams built around the Pokémon used by their associated characters, having access to all Pokémon they have obtained or used during official Games, Anime Series or Manga... And Legendaries/Mythicals of their Region!

🎁Purchase Rewards with Server Currency
🎮Weekly Tournaments & Events
🎉Regular Giveaways
🕹️DiscordPlaysPokemon Bot

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Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews
MariokartDJ MariokartDJ
A Wonderful Gathering
I love how the server brings trainers from across the generations together. Its great to see such amazing representation.
Arex Arex
Great Community and Well run
Staff are really friendly and they'll help you with anything your stuck with. Plus, it gives alternative ways to earn pokecredits.