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Pokémon Generations League
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Pokémon Generations League

🏆 Welcome to the Pokémon Generations League!

We are a Pokémon Showdown and 3DS League that provides a unique, fun and challenging battling experience.

⚔️Our Showdown league allows you to battle teams based on characters from the main series Pokémon games.

🌎Our USUM 3DS League involves the Region Challenge, where you will be up against trainers that specialise in Pokémon of a particular region.

📜More information can be found in our League Doc here:

If you enjoy Pokémon battles, this is the server for you!

🎁Purchase Rewards with Server Currency
🎮Weekly Tournaments & Events
🎉Regular Giveaways
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Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews
MariokartDJ MariokartDJ
A Wonderful Gathering
I love how the server brings trainers from across the generations together. Its great to see such amazing representation.
3 1
Arex Arex
Great Community and Well run
Staff are really friendly and they'll help you with anything your stuck with. Plus, it gives alternative ways to earn pokecredits.

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