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❄The Elysium Self Support Server⛄
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❄The Elysium Self Support Server⛄

Disclaimer- Most of the reviews of the server are fakes. This happened due to a staff fallout. Please don't go by the reviews but come experience the place yourself.
The Elysium server is a place for the emotionally unstable to heal by taking as many chances as they require to heal. We invite all those who have mental health problems as well as those who don't to come and heal together in a pro recovery environment. We also host awareness events for everyone, so that people can understand different disorders better as well as each other better.
We also offer
➡A unique levelling system
➡A pro recovery environment
➡A unique mentorship program
➡Peer to peer support
➡Almost 700 members
➡Loads of events
➡Loads of clubs
➡A separate server for plural littles
➡A separate server for fictional future action rpg
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Ratings & Reviews

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Lynx Lynx
Pretty Chill
I've been in the server a while now. The staff are chill, they all try hard to help. The server as a whole is improving and becoming a masterpiece. I highly recommend joining. There are so many caring individuals. I am in a better place because of this server.
1 1
ItzDanny! ItzDanny!
Mixed Emotions
This server isn't all that bad, it has helped me some (The one time somebody actually came.) after I came back the supports are never really there and it is sad even the owner themselves asked for support and Nobody came shown here; I'm not going to lie, they have asked for more supports and there is not much you can do at that point but cmon, 4 supports were literally online and nothing happened. The environment is friendly, but if you haven't been there for a while most people talking will blow you completely over. I've seen higher staffs call people who mess up once an "Immature fuck" which was completely uncalled for. They've let this slide one too many times. Mostly everything needs some improvement I mean like ALOT of improvement. Thank you and good day
Purity System 🖤 Purity System 🖤
Do. Not. Join.
If you have any sense at all, you won’t join. The server is terrible. For a mental health server, there’s an awful lot of negative. PLEASE keep in mind, there are literal homicidal people here. People threaten others and themselves on a regular basis and staff does nothing. The owner barely drops in and only does so to complain. Multiple moderators have bullied others (this includes: name calling, muting them for no reason, kicking and banning them for no reason, invalidating their problems, forcing them into uncomfortable situations, etc.) The staff does not care about the wellbeing of anyone here, and only does what they want to do. Not only are there people here with fake disorders (admittedly fake.), some staff are fake too. They are horrible, staff fights with each other and with members, they let members get away with threats but not with saying a certain term. It’s ridiculous. It’s terrible and made my mental health worse.
2 6
ash. ash.
Helped me a lot.
Highly recommend. Stuff are supportive and helpful and they have come a long ways