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An 18+ community of femboys and femboy admirers. Everyone is welcomed! Come say hello!
🌸The largest femboy community with over 15,000 members.
🌸1,300 emojis, including four dedicated emoji severs!
🌸A private Minecraft server for community members.
🌸50+ SFW and NSFW channels.
🌸10 Voice chat rooms.
🌸Custom roles available.
🌸Advertisements channel to post your social medias.
🌸Deep community leveling and ranking system.
🌸Community currency and banking system were you can buy items and roles with earned community currency.
🌸Community Events
🌸50+ Earnable roles.
🌸50+ Self-assignable roles to choose from.
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Ratings & Reviews

28 reviews
zavy zavy
Only Server That Matters
Everyone else is dumb and stinky. No one in this server is dumb or stinky. Except for Theory. He's pretty dumb :P
Theory Theory
Admin response
No u. Thank you for the 5 stars! There is a place and home for everyone out there, we're glad we're yours!
15 days ago
4 1
K_Jayden K_Jayden
Positive boie

I wanted to leave a gud review for this server bc it really us the best "trap"server ive been in. They have great people there and i met a lot of new friends.

Its also pretty nontoxic because of good moderating and a leveling up system. The system has a perfect balance for discouraging raiders but not making it too difficult for people who stay. Texting levels you up and after a few levels you have unlocked everything. It may look like a lot but when you get into it its done before you notice.

Also there are some top tier cuties so ey worth it.
A satisfied doot
Theory Theory
Admin response
Thank you! It's awesome that you've made a lot of new friends! And its appreciated that you have found the system enjoyable and balanced. Thank you for taking the time to give your feedback on the community! Cheers!
40 days ago
Azul Azul
Still the same great community!
First off, I want to get out of the way that my history with the server has been Rocky, however, I have known most of this community for over two years.

Let's start off with the staff. While many of them I don't personally know, from my interactions with all of them in chat, the staff of the server are both very active in the community and very wonderful people. Whether you know them or not, you will find it easy to quickly become friends with them, as they are just, really nice and pleasant to be around.

Second, I want to touch on the community. Given my experience in many femboy servers, this one is kinda hugboxy, which is totally ok, it usually brings good feelings. As of late I've had several positive interactions with different users across several of the main chat channels and had one even add me personally because they took interest and wanted to know more about me. Basically, you can come in here on day 1 and make an endless amount of friends and meet plenty of new people and relax and just have an all around good time. You don't have to be afraid of who you are here, they will accept you as long as you are also pleasant to be around.

My only complaint that I've seen with the server sometimes is placing myself in front of people. Sometimes, it might seem a bit hard to get people to notice you in certain channels, but, it's a 10k+ member server, what can you expect.

I just want to close and say overall, wonderful staff, wonderful community! I'll probably come back and write a better review when I've actually had some z's.
Theory Theory
Admin response
Wow! Thank you for the long and very thoughtful review! The entire staff team works tremendously hard so your recognition of them is surely rewarding! They truly do not get enough thanks. Its is a big community given its focus, so its a tremendous accomplishment for all of the members knowing that they are welcoming and an all around friendly group as a whole. A community is only as good as its members and its staff team. This review is a true reflection of them all. Thank you for it!
65 days ago
6 1
Zenith Zenith
Big server that feels like a small server
The femboy server is an incredibly nice community, and despite its size of nearly 10k members, has the feeling of a friendly, positive, and tight knit community of the most active members. I've made lots of very good online friends that I dearly love, and have really come to embrace my trans identity thanks to this server.
Theory Theory
Admin response
We are super glad you enjoy it. And incredibly please that we struck a balance. Many of the features are inputs from members as well. So many thanks are needed to them as well. Words cannot describe how worth while it all is hearing how people have made close and friends dear to them. Thank you so much for the review!!
175 days ago