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Xesian: A World Divided

In the beginning, there was a ball composed of the four basic elements; fire, water, earth, and wind. The massive multi-elemental orb was floating through the vast Void of darkness, never ceasing to move. Then, there came a council comprised of multiple Deities, all of which governed a certain aspect or aspects of life. This council had discovered this orb not too long ago, and it intrigued them. They discussed how fascinating this natural phenomenon was to them, and decided that it would be useful. The council had differing opinions on what to do with the anomaly, that was, until the chief Deity decided what would be done with it.
What had been decided for it on a majority vote was that this strangely intriguing phenomenon would not be harvested nor destroyed, but rather they would create life on this newfound planet after their own image. Therefore, the anomaly was gifted the name Xesian, a place for their creation to reside. However, with the decision, although the majority of the Deities agreed, there were some that disagreed. With that, rivalries were born and thus forth caused the council to be fractured, Deity turning on Deity. A civil war was born, splitting the council apart and giving birth to an eternal fight; Good versus Evil, Life versus Death, and most importantly, Creation versus Destruction.
With this, the creation was given both blessings and curses, such as the blessing of life which, in turn, gifts them with the curse of death. Another powerful example would be the everlasting battle between good versus evil which gifts the creation with free will which is both a blessing and a curse. After having done all of this, their creation being involved with their affairs indirectly, the Deities decided that it would be time to gift them with names. There were multiple races that the Deities had created, being plentiful in diversity and . Through the creation of life, numerous other aspects were born, as well as concepts!
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Falling~lunix Falling~lunix
The characters can truly grow to be a force of power
LuCiel LuCiel
Great and fun server
It is very welcoming to newcomers and the staff are great! Not to be biased as I am a member as well but I recommend joining our community. We will be glad to welcome you in to the family ^^
infinity881 infinity881
Love this server
Nice, happy staff, and events every now and then. This server has several kingdoms and a system of rp and character creation that is guided but at the same time is very open. I honestly love this server to death (and undeath if I get my chance)!
Spooky_Time Spooky_Time
Amazing staff, great server.
The staff is very nice and quick to do their jobs, the server is a tiny bit cluttered but the people on it make up for the clutter, I enjoy this server quite a bit and would recommended it to anyone and everyone