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The Bastion - Dystopia

The Bastion - Dystopia

A server with custom lore completely built from the ground-up, this server takes place in the year of 2055. The Earth has suffered massive geological changes, and the infrastructures from before 2045 have all collapsed. Worse yet, creatures known as Metallum have crawled their way out of the ground, and threaten humanity... Yet humanity still hangs on, despite the threats of the Metallum, exposure, and from themselves.

What you can expect to find on this server:
* A small but active community of people.
* A world built completely from the ground up, with deep lore.
* Relative freedom to create your own story.
* A team of staff that puts the wants of the community first.
* Stats to use.
* Characters are easy to make and keep track of with the use of a bot.
* Rules enforced for an enjoyable and high-quality roleplay experience.
* Eight races with their own unique cultures.
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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews
Jacknotch (Jon) Jacknotch (Jon)
An Odd Combination of Cyberpunk, Native American, and Fallout-esque RP
Well, I’ve been on this server for what, 3-4 months now? And boy, can I tell you it’s been through a lot of changes over those months. The staff is fantastic at their jobs, though RL issues have caused staff activity to decline as of late; similar situation with the community, though that shouldn’t be said for those are committed to the RP; some people I would like to mention are InfernalSquid and The Shades, they are fantastic RPers; and the server has a interesting idea behind it, fusing several cultures into one continent where they are forced to collide. Notable examples would be the Resurgent-Remnant clash; Native Americans interacting with the remnants of the US government; the Meld and Bastion interaction, where a divide splits them to this point; etcetera. Another RP I would regard as one of the best would be the Sam-Ayami-Xono story arc where a tired, but still compassionate former US soldier and a Meld teenager with cybernetic implants with a questionable criminal record help a naive female child find her parents and cremate her sister after a Metallum attack on her apartment in the Bastion. This is one of the many RPs that have taken place on this server, and I highly recommend that you join this one to create your own.
2 2
murcielago murcielago
small but mighty
Bastion is a good server with cool lore. It seems to get a lot of guys who godmod though, but the staff manages to take care of most of them once they realize that you can't beat sense into powergamers except for a godmodder, that's legit a moderator, with his antisocial supermarine base that bullies people out of talking to them.
2 3
Sylman Sylman
Good RP Server
Server is holding itself pretty well, despite that it's still developing. Staff is usually friendly except to people who don't follow the rules.
4 4
Master Baiter Master Baiter
Two Stars for Creativity
Too much cluster, disorganization, and general odds and ends that don't add up. I went through a bunch of chat logs and it's nothing but people godmoding their chars and just stupid stuff, I'd stay for making friends but not for the RP. Stupid amounts of toxicity from staff, this is uncanny.