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Aerilon Clan
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Aerilon Clan

Hey! You there! Aerilon Clan needs a demigod like you! Join us and help Aerilon clan Thrive! Welcome to the strongest clan of demigods to ever exist!
This server is based on Egyptian gods/goddesses. You get to choose from 5 different residences. There are tons of open spots right now, just for you! Join now for some fun and exciting events!
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Fantaluuuuuuuu Fantaluuuuuuuu
This Server is a Must-Join
Aerilon Clan is a fun experience altogether, with a friendly and helpful staff, constantly active members, and lore with which you can create amazing demigod characters with the easy-to-use submit a character form. Sparring matches, truth or dare sessions on the beach, this server has it all.
2 1
Panda Express Guy Panda Express Guy
This is awesome
This is really cool. good staff. friendly community. on 24/7.