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Xedaenia RP
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Xedaenia RP

A post modern world in conflict as the Rebels and Versailles team up against the Government. Will you join the Rebellion Forces or will you assert your dominance as the Government? Join us as we forge a path to a new era.

What do we offer?
↳ Modern rp setting in postwar France
↳ Five different species
↳ Three factions (Gov, Rebels, Versailles)
↳ Literate rp style
↳ Retconning your OC
↳ Admin accidentally giving everyone admin permissions and exposing all channels
Remi_818 Bumped 3 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews
Epith Epith
Before I get into this, I am one of the moderators of the server. Due to this, this review may hold some form of bias despite my best attempts to keep it neutral.

I have watched this server change over the period of many months. I want to say it is close to being around for about a year now. There are different species to chose from as well as factions for your character to join. The character creation process may be difficult, but moderators and helpers such as myself work with newcomers every step of the way. One of the best features of this server would be that there is a Basic Lore, and Advanced Lore. For those who want to jump in and get started right away, they can access the basics of the world. If a newcomer wishes to really immerse themselves and get into Xedaenia, they have that option available to them as well.

Activity is a struggle for this server, but this one is different from a lot of OC based fantasy servers out there. I see a lot of servers with Kingdoms and Schools, etc. The setting for Xedaenia is unique as well as the events that lead up to the current period of the rp.

If you are looking for a change in pace, this server is worth getting into.
.Violet .Violet
The staff is kind and helpful. This is a difficult rp server to get into though. It has para-style rp and you're required to rp frequently

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