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Midnight City: a Crimewave City RP
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Midnight City: a Crimewave City RP

In the past, all races were in conflict with one another, but the human race was the biggest threat to them all... enslaving the smaller races and slaughtering the stronger one.
The races were all in deep depression, losing all those they care just because of an unknown conflict with the human species.
They had enough of the human's tyrannical oppression against them and they rebelled against them. First the zombies then the Drakon and eventually, all of the species had all banded together.
The humans were forced to sign a treaty and all the other races signed it too. A city was then built so that all races can co-exist. That city is called Midnight City. It was founded on an old urban human metropolis before the conflict with subdivisions and a fellow county next to it.
For decades the city has prospered but recently a crime wave has struck the city, making it dangerous at night. Law enforcement had been forced to take extreme action, organized crime running amok and masked vigilantes taking the law into their own hands are all examples of this crime wave as normal residents try to live out their lives in this chaotic world.

Welcome to Midnight City! One of the deadliest cities in the US, here you can:

- Apprehend Criminals or just murder them with street justice as a Vigilante.
- Enforce the Law in the city with High Tech weaponry as an Anti Crime Force Officer.
- Operate under a Gang, dealing in Arms, Drugs or Even Human trafficking or go at it alone and Cause chaos in the streets as a Criminal.
- Or operate in the shadows as an assassin, as a hired gun as a Mercenary, or Take out targets as a Hitman under the banner of Flügel des Tode.

This server takes place in modern day with an 80's style to it. I was inspired by Hotline Miami and the classic RPGs. There is a massive crime wave where gangs are related to the type of monsters in RPGs.

Enjoy your Stay...
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Jacknotch (Jon) Jacknotch (Jon)
Interesting Concept
Midnight City is an interesting concept where people of all sorts of power fight each other in a city whose law enforcement struggles policing the growing chaos in the city. In my professional opinion; the server could use a bit more work. Some of the roleplay leaves some things to be desired, the staff is fine (they’ve been on top of things for the most part, the other times it’s because of time zone issues), and there’s a bit more channels than necessary for a server of its size. The reason why I would give this a 4 instead of a 5 is because it’s an interesting concept with a decent execution, but it could be better.
🌙SpacedOutSephina🌟 🌙SpacedOutSephina🌟
I love the diversity
The server is extremely active and joyful. I enjoy the community and support from the people in it, even when we aren't roleplaying. So far my experience in the server has been enjoyable and amazing. Keep up the good work in keeping your server together Dylan!
Puppy Puppy
The best city rp
This has by far been one of my favourite role play server so far, the city is just vague enough for anyone's character to fit in well, but still has enough detail to keep it interesting, the staff and other role-players are all really friendly and helpful. If you are looking for a good place to be bad then you'll have a lot of fun. And if you want to keep you good karma rolling you can join the police and try to curve this crime wave. It's nice to see a new experience, rather than the barrage of medieval servers I usually find myself in. 7/10 ^+^
Jake! Jake!
Midnight City
This server has a fantastic story and gives you many options to try many different perspectives. I love all of the different races and jobs you can have and the fact that you can even make your own gang is astonishing. When i joined i was welcomed by one of the Admins. i love seeing such a great server getting on up there. The server is overall amazing and i would recommend it to anyone who likes to rp.