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Lumi Café
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Lumi Café

♛ doux ♛

• fun chats
• tons of girls and tons of guys
• cool roles and cool giveaways
• tons of server support

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☆₊˚│Deхpurr🦋 ☆₊˚│Deхpurr🦋
I don't recommend joining, the server constantly pings for no reason, they automatically give you a role which is constantly pinged and don't allow you to remove it, won't remove it for you and will purposely ping you constantly if you ask for them to remove it.

Also, they allow anyone to constantly ping the role, and staff don't even know how to mute, warn or ban anyone.

Update: They banned me after calling them out on favoritism and racism, the staff openly allow all friends to spam, harass and throw racial slurs at others. Cryptic is the real problem though, he throws hard rs and cries when he's called out on it.
〖SadTeddy〗 〖SadTeddy〗
Amazing community
The staff and members are so nice and caring there may be toxic things here and there but staff is always there to fix that!
megan megan
i am angry
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megan megan
Relaxing server.
When I joined this server a couple of weeks ago, I was welcomed by very kind people. dorm61 was one of my first discord servers aand I remember when the had like 200-300 members now 600+!