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Marai Academy™

~We recently got review raided, and we hope you give this server a chance despite the actions of another server's staff~

The year is 2133
Aradarri High was a school dedicated to pushing the technological races and the human races together. Now, Aradarri High has closed due to a terrorist attack, and now Marai Academy has opened up to take its place!

Several days after the school closed, a large pulse spread throughout the city of Kagoshima, caused by the explosion of an oil rig with brand new, top secret chemicals on board. This caused strange new powers to spark up, which can be channeled through special handheld devices distributed by the government. The opening of a new school called Marai Academy hopes to continue the work of the previous school, and to also help teach the people about their new "magical powers", androids, cyborgs, and just normal humans alike in a friendly, controlled environment. Marai Academy is a flying school located in the clouds; it is held up by magical barriers that cannot be seen nor touched, and also has a magical force field that doesn't allow any outside forces to damage the school.

This is a huge leap from the current racist views, but that doesn't mean hatred can't grow in this small community. Will you be an android who simply wants to get by, a human dead set on hating something so good, or a cyborg that tries to escape the self hatred around them? Will you join to help, or to destroy?


Hello ^^ I'm Elintiya, the STELLA series owner!

Mirai Academy includes fun chats like:
:robot: Bot Commands :robot:

▶️ 🔥 NSFW Zone 🔥

▶️ 😉 Flirting Channels 😉

▶️ 😱 Face Reveals 😱

▶️ 🌹 IRP Shipping 🌹

▶️ ⌚ Game Time ⌚

▶️ 💻 Blog Channels 💻

▶️ 💴 Currency and a Shop 💴

🎉And fun events soon to come!🎉


We also support the LGBT+ community!

🎀If you ever need any help, someone to talk to, the staff is more than happy to assist you.

🎀We support creativity, and allow most leeway when creating a character, and give you a choice on if you want something added into the server or not.

🎀We have a city area that's now complete, along with actual jobs that allow you to earn money every Sunday!

🎀Our staff is friendly and as nice as can be, we are open to all people/ideas as long as they don't break the lore, and as long as the people here treat us with the same level of respect we bestow upon them.

🎀We are a realistic high school roleplay, that also includes magic! You can also be an android, human, or cyborg!

🎀We aren't just dedicated to roleplay, we also have very fun and active chats. We are active during the day mostly.

🎀We now have heavenly and hellish beings due to an event!

🎀Looking for partners!

🎀Looking for active staff! We need some that come on at night!


🎊We hope you join, and don't let the untrue review raids turn you away! Drama has happened between us and another server, but it is now behind us, and will stay there!🎊


L.T Shaw Bumped 234 days ago

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Ya know what?
Ya know what? this server has grown slowly, but the staff and everyone who has been working on it are extremely dedicated to making this server better and making it fun for others.
I've been in the server since 20 people were in it, and it's just getting better and better as the day goes on. Ths staff are friendly, its laid out extremely well and the RP is very organised.
1 2
Asuna X. Asuna X.
In MY opinion, its organized and well processed with it still be growing and its really well thought out and planned.
1 2
Blargh Blargh
Just helping raise the rating after the raid dont be angry it was just a short fued.
1 2
KSI FewstWriter KSI FewstWriter
Great server
This server is a fun place to rp and I really enjoy it. I've made great friends and the staff are really nice. I hope this server goes far and I would suggest this server to all my friends.

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