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Eevee City

Let me introduce you to Eevee City! 🦊

A Pokémon Server that is looking for new active members to add some fresh air to the community! We are a friendly community which uses a bunch of cool bots like Pokécord and Pokéverse to satisfy all your possible Trainer needs! We frequently added a new bot to try out!
Besides that we also are a welcoming and helping to talk about whatever.✨

Catch wild pokémon, compare your Dex, trade and also battle trainers on this fabulous server or just have a fun time! 🎉

Gyms, auctions, giveaways and lots cool bots are waiting for you in Eevee City!
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Ratings & Reviews

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Hellbound Dreams Hellbound Dreams
Very Pleasant & Recommended!
Spent my morning and afternoon farming & leveling my Pokemon + taking on the Gyms. Had zero issues across the board; Leaders/Staff were pleasant/friendly & do their jobs, Gyms have been fun, everything is extremely well organized, and am able to farm/level in peace thanks to multiple spam rooms/players having courtesy.

This only covers the Pokecord aspects, plenty more to the server I haven't explored but has exceeded my expectations- would recommend highly!