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💝❤💜Meloetta's Paradise💝❤💜
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💝❤💜Meloetta's Paradise💝❤💜

💛Welcome to Team Meloetta!🧡

Pokemon is everything in this server! We have many pokemon bots, including:

❤️and more!

Our server also includes:
💝Giveaways(which been on hold till active)
💝A daycare(which we need)
💝Gyms(need more leaders)
💝An Elite Four
💝and events!

💚Currently we’re looking for partnerships and active admins & gym leaders!
💙We want to build a friendly active community and need your help to do it!

🖤Please come join us at Team Meloetta!🖤

also be sure to check out #🤶reaction-rolls for part of your roles :)

server has been pruned so if u wanna be active feel free to rejoin
🍷🥂🍾Team Meloetta🍷🥂🍾 Bumped 1 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews
Cqlm_Mind Cqlm_Mind
Great Server! -A1dart
5 star rating definitely. All of the members here are friendly and nice. Thank you Meloetta for making such a great server where people can make friends, train pokemon, and have fun. I suggest everyone aka YOU, the reader, to join this server because of how great it is. Meloetta, tbh, you deserve more members!!!
🍷🥂🍾Team Meloetta🍷🥂🍾 🍷🥂🍾Team Meloetta🍷🥂🍾
Fun enjoyment
I really am gladi made a server this server is fun for me thank you to my self :)
AnimeGal18 AnimeGal18
this server is awesome, I'm the Fairy gym leader of this server and the owner is nice, I even have my server promoting it